Why I started Using Kratom


When you tell someone that you take Kratom to treat anxiety, a lot of people wonder if you are just using it as a sort of “legal high”. Kratom has an unfortunate reputation in the media as some sort of illicit drug that will make you high and euphoric so you completely lose touch with reality. You hear it compared to Bath Salts and Salvia and other drugs that are used to get high. But that is not at all the experience that I have had with Kratom leaf and I actually think it is pretty hard to get high from this plant.

Instead, when I use Kratom it is more to enhance what I would consider a normal state of mind. I don’t use it to get high – I take it to feel normal. As anyone with anxiety knows, it can be really hard to know how you will feel from one minute to the next. Sometimes I am perfectly fine doing basic things while other times the littlest things can set me off and make me feel nervous. I end up overthinking everything, feeling like my heart won’t slow down and not be able to let things go. It is a debilitating experience for sure and often prevents me from living life how I would like to live it.

I have tried to avoid drugs and pharmaceuticals for treating anxiety because I have seen friends who seem to go numb and are unable to connect with the world when taking Vicadin or other similar medicines. But I have always explored different herbs like 5-htp and st. john’s wort to control my anxiousness. These work well on an on-going basis, but sometimes I need something stronger. Especially if I feel a panic attack coming on.

So after hearing about Kratom from some fellow members of an online support forum, I figured I would order some and try it myself. As you can probably tell, I liked what I saw. It really cut into my feelings of anxiety but in a way that I didn’t feel spaced out or disconnected or like I couldn’t get motivated or excited about anything. Instead, I just felt really good about my circumstances and had some pretty strong euphoric feelings. Again, it was pretty subtle but enough to really stop me from feeling anxious and help me chill. I also found that I could concentrate like a razor and would have no hesitation when I was talking to girls at a bar. All good side effects as far as I’m concerned!

There are a lot of different varieties of Kratom and some people say you should try them all to decide which one is best for you. I haven’t explored all that many, but I did try Red Bali and Red Thai because those two are supposed to be really good for anxiolytic use. Between the two, I would say Red Bali (or Borneo as it is sometimes labelled) is more relaxing and can be fairly sedating especially if you take too much. That brings me to another point which is no matter what type you use, if you take a small amount, it actually ends up hyping you up even more and can cause you to be overly edgy. For each strain there’s a specific dose at which the effects kind of flip and start to go more soothing and calming. Make sure you know this when you are first trying it so it doesn’t cause you to become more anxious than before you even took it!